Three Tips from LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly on Public Speaking


In addition to many other skills, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is an accomplished public speaker. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has spoken in front of many universities, institutions, industry, international audiences and at congressional hearings. The time behind the podium has taught him quite a few lessons on giving persuasive and informative presentations. If LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly had to narrow it down to three specific pointers, he would say: be prepared, make eye contact, and establish credibility.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has never made a good speech without being prepared. Being prepared means not just memorizing the material, but understanding the content. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly believes that if you were to lose your notes before your presentation, you should still be able to deliver an effective speech.

Making eye contact is the second pointer LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly stresses. By making eye contact with your audience, you are developing a sense of trust. It is proven that eye contact and trust have a positive correlation. Through testifying to Congressional Committees on 22 different occasions, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has mastered the art of eye contact. He notes that you should select three to four different locations in the audience to look, and make sure you hit each of them frequently. Most of the time people cannot tell when you are looking them directly in the eyes, but they can definitely tell when you are not.

Establishing credibility is the third pointer LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly gives when suggesting how to improve upon public speaking. A speaker must be credible, or else he will not be taken seriously. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly says you can establish credibility by speaking clearly with confidence, knowing your topic thoroughly, accepting audience feedback, seeking questions, and maintaining an sense of knowledge and professional composure.


LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly Explains How to Work Under Pressure


Not many people work under more pressure than those in leadership positions in the United States Military. Leadership positions anywhere are full of responsibility, but LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly believes the pressure is most intense when it comes to protecting your own country from harm.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly in many different capacities of leadership during his 34 years in the United States Military, but none were likely more stressful than as the Director of the Missile Defense Agency. From 2008-2012, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly served in this role appointed to him by the President of the United States. Here he refined his ability to work under pressure, and his experience is valuable in any industry.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is a firm believer that prioritizing and organizing can relieve unnecessary pressure and stress. By being able to visually see what is most important, managers are able to conserve their time and apply it to the essential issues. Stress is the major driving force of pressure, so learning to cope with stress can mean creating a less pressurized environment. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly suggests discovering ways to differentiate between your work life and personal life. When you are off the clock, you need to truly be off the clock. Making friends outside of work is vitally important to this differentiation.

When LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is feeling an excessive amount of pressure in the work place, he tends to seek out short conversations with superiors. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly believes that clearly understanding what is expected of you and letting people above you know that you are hard at work, goes a long way in relieving pressure. Do not let excessive pressure ruin your career; instead capitalize on it to make you a more productive member of the work force.

Keys to Consulting by LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly


LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly spent close to four decades in the United States Military, serving in a variety of capacities. He spent time in management roles where he learned firsthand how to effectively manage people and resources. Since his retirement from the military in 2013, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has been a consultant for industry and university leaders across the country. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has enjoyed success in this role because people know his track record and respect his opinion. What follows are three pointers he has leaned on effective consulting:

(1) Build a Reputation. Reputation is everything in the consulting businesses, and that is the main reason LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has clients asking for his services. The best way to build your reputation is through experience in the field. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly suggests spending a minimum of five or ten years working in a field before considering being a consultant. Clients will not trust your opinion unless they know you have been in the same shoes they have.

(2) Maintain Confidentiality. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly says a consultant must maintain strict confidentiality at all costs. Word spreads quickly from client to client, and once you break your trust with one, you might as well break it with all. Quite simply, when private details are shared, don’t let them leave the confines of that consulting project. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly prides himself in being able to promise clients 100% confidentiality and trust.

(3) Have a Desire to Help. Consulting is a competitive business, but you must have the desire to help if you are going to be in it. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is committed to help young people reach their full potential, and he believes that is the best way to be a very successful consultant.

Program Manager LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly


Due to his ability to manage large-scale projects with many people and resources, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was charged with many different programs and projects to manage during his military career. One of those positions was that of Program Manager of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program. In this position, he was responsible for two-thousand people and a three-billion dollar budget. Like many of his other projects, this one was to create, test and deploy a missile system that would protect the United States.

This project offered LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly the ability to utilize satellites to track missiles and testing the system in comprehensive flight tests over the Pacific Ocean. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was pleased when the tests proved that the systems would be effective in real-life use.

Another project he was appointed to manage was the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense project. In this role, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was responsible for leading a five-hundred person, one-billion dollar a year operation. The goal of the project was to develop a highly mobile missile interceptor system. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly always transformed the program from one with seven successive flight test failures prior to his arrival to one of the most reliable missile programs in history with ten successive flight test successes. As a result, in 2001, Lt Gen Patrick O’Reilly was designated the Army’s Program Manager of the Year by the Secretary of the Army.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly’s success in project and program management came from his keen ability to manage people and money while staying focused on objectives. He has always felt quite fortunate to have the opportunity to lead dedicated, experienced and brilliant people. The United States and our Allies are now safer due to the leadership and accomplishments of LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly Director of Missile Defense Agency


One of the indisputable strengths of LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is his ability to understand the big picture and deal with the high profile, high-stress position he held for many years. As a career military general, his success can certainly be attributed to his ability in managing large-scale plans and sensitive information all while keeping the goals of the agency a priority. By the time he was promoted to the role of Director of the Missile Defense Agency, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was more than ready for the challenges it posed.

While in the position of Director of the Missile Defense Agency, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was responsible for leading eight thousand people with an eight-billion dollar annual budget. In addition, he was responsible for directing twenty Department of Defense programs along with nine international research and development programs. LT General Patrick O’Reilly managed this heightened level of responsibility with constant planning, organization and delegation to a well-trained, competent staff of skilled leaders and managers.

In terms of the sheer volume of people involved in the Missile Defense Agency, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly had a strong line of leaders who managed the individual sectors. Without these staff in place, it would have been impossible for him to keep his programs and projects progressively and successfully moving forward.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was also a key technical advisor on issues involving the Secretary of Defense and the President. In this role, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was charged with keeping up-to-date on all the latest developments and results of testing missile defense systems worldwide. He also needed to manage the issues that arose due to shifts in the political climate and budgetary cuts. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly worked regularly with Congress on budget issues and kept them apprised of program status.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly: An Effective Physics Instructor


A man of many hats, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly enjoyed returning to West Point Military Academy where he taught Physics to the cadets. He was always comfortable training subordinates, but did not know what it would be like to actually teach the young men in the academy. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly soon found out that teaching was as natural as walking down the street to him. One of the reasons he believed it came so naturally was his ability to evaluate quite easily the types of learners were in his classroom.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly had not given this concept much thought until he stepped back into the school, this time as an instructor. He knew what kind of learner he was and for the most part, always had instructors who used a variety of teaching techniques to ensure all the students understood the material being presented to them. Given the difficulty of physics to most students, Lt Gen Patrick O’Reilly focused on knowing multiple teaching techniques in order to help all students struggling with the subject.

What he discovered was that he had a variety of students who had very different learning styles. In teaching Physics, he had to creatively come up with ways to reach the visual, verbal and sensory learners in the room. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly wanted his students to be successful in the course, because he really cared about motivating them their studies.

When it came time for student’s to submit their evaluations of their instructor, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly frequently received glowing reviews. Students pointed out how his varied approach to teaching difficult and obscure topics was noticeable and effective. He would go on to work with new West Point instructors and was able to establish cadet research projects for the most gifted students.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly Encourages Young Adults to Consider Science and Engineering


Whether it is through formal speaking engagements or conversations with friends of his family, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly can often be heard encouraging the fields of science and engineering to an undecided college student. The study of science and engineering is applicable in many careers and is immensely crucial to our nation in particular. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly believes that scientists and engineers learn how to examine and evaluate technical, economic and social information in building structures, processes or systems. A science or engineering degree are certainly challenging, but highly rewarding.

A scientist’s or engineer’s mind is constantly evaluating the big picture as he or she designs solutions, which may be a physical structure or a system. There are of course multiple avenues to pursue. There are the basic sciences and chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical fields of engineering. Further beyond those categories are even more specific areas such as naval, mining, acoustical, corrosion, aerospace and many others. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly credits all of his success in designing comprehensive, effective defense systems for the United States military to his background in physics and engineering. He finds that even those young people who are interested in a military career do not realize how important it is to complete a strong educational foundation before making the commitment.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is not constantly suggesting a military career to all the young people he meets. He merely takes the time to educate those who want to listen about the lifelong benefits and stability in a military career. He is equally enthusiastic about motivating young people to consider dedicating their lives to education and research. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly believes everyone has a purpose and finding out what that may be is one of the most important discoveries in young person’s life.

Congressman Mo Brooks’s Tribute to Career of LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly


LTG Patrick O’Reilly is a leader in missile defense and national security. With 34 years of experience as a Commissioned Officer of the United States Army, General Patrick O’Reilly has made many historical contributions to the development of missile defense in the United States. As a well-educated and experienced member of the U.S. Army with three Master’s degrees, Patrick O’Reilly has been recognized with many awards and recognitions for his outstanding dedication to the U.S. Army and defense of the homeland.

On September 19, 2012, Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama gave a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives in tribute to the successful military career of LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly. Congressman Mo Brooks recognized LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s hard work and dedication to the U.S. Army throughout the three decades his career has spanned. As a leader in missile defense, General Patrick O’Reilly has led many innovative missile defense projects. As Director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, Patrick O’Reilly had a first-hand influence on the policies of the U.S. on missile defense.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is responsible for the construction of latest missile interceptor field in Alaska to increase the robustness of the Ground-based Missile Defense protection of the United States. In 2009, LTG Patrick O’Reilly was an influential advisor on U.S. policy to counter the threat of ballistic missiles from the Middle East and the deployment of missile defenses in Europe. Working with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the State Department, General Patrick O’Reilly implemented a four-phased plan for the deployment of the European Phased Adaptive Approach to missile defense.

The leadership of Patrick O’Reilly was critical to the U.S. accomplishment of a historical milestone, in December 2011, of achieving the technical operations of phase 1 of the European Phased Adaptive Approach.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly Speaks at important Forums


Retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly is regarded as a successful leader in the field of missile defense security as he has years of experience in the field. As a well-educated Commissioned Officer, General Patrick O’Reilly has been in U.S. Army for 34 years. His leadership and accomplishments have made his career extremely successful as he has held many program director and manager positions. Today, Patrick O’Reilly is looked to as an expert technical resource for information and experience in missile defense policy, the development and application of technologies, and homeland security.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has been asked to speak on his expertise in subjects such as missile defense policy, public policy and on his achievements as a Commissioned Officer in the Army and Director of the Missile Defense Agency. LTG Patrick O’Reilly has repeatedly spoken at prestigious think-tanks such as the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on subjects such as International Security and the implications of the Obama Administration’s announcement regarding changes to U.S. missile defense plans. General Patrick O’Reilly has also spoken at the George Marshall Institute for Public Policy and more.

Patrick O’Reilly has also been the guest speaker at many universities on his expertise and insights in technical development and missile defense issues. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has spoken at Purdue, Harvard, Iowa State, Howard, Alabama, Auburn, Tuskegee, Tennessee, Nebraska and other universities. Many international organizations, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the British Royal United Services Institute, look to LTG Patrick O’Reilly for his knowledge and advice. General Patrick O’Reilly has proven himself a successful leader and technical expert throughout his career and today.

Now, Patrick O’Reilly works as a consultant for industry leaders and universities looking to collaborate with other industries and universities and contract with the U.S. government including the Department of Defense.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly Dedicated Service to the U.S. Army


Retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly served 34 years in the US Army. Throughout his career, General Patrick O’Reilly has made meaningful contributions to national defense. During his years of honorable and faithful service, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly contributed to many historical changes in his field.

LTG Patrick O’Reilly was responsible for a series of important security projects. As the U.S. Army Program Executive Officer for Combat Support and Combat Service Support programs, General O’Reilly was responsible for the rapid armoring of 40,000 vehicles in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan in response to the sudden advent of the Improvised Explosive Device threat. As the Program Director of the Ground Based Midcourse Defense program, General Patrick O’Reilly led a 2,000-person organization with an annual budget of $3 billion a year. Effective in revitalizing the program after repeated flight test failures prior to his arrival, Patrick O’Reilly successfully integrated missile, space, and radar technologies into a reliable system to counter long-range missiles. Subsequently, he oversaw four successful flight tests and the support of the first activation of this system to protect the United States.

In 2008, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate as Director of the Missile Defense Agency. As Director, LTG Patrick O’Reilly led an 8,000-person, globally deployed, Department of Defense agency with an annual budget of $8 billion. In this role, General Patrick O’Reilly directed 20 US and nine international research and development programs. Patrick O’Reilly directly participated in several U.S diplomatic negotiations In 2011, based on his Agency’s success under his leadership, LTG O’Reilly was extend an additional year as Director.

Today, retired LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is regarded as an expert in the field of missile defense. Retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly advises leaders looking for his perspective on public policy, applied research and management.